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Important Trials



Mr. Pugh has recently received defense verdicts in malpractice cases in Delaware County involving the alleged misdiagnosis of diverticulitis and in Montgomery County where the contention was improper hand surgery. 





Mr. Pugh obtained a defense verdict where he represented a defendant who rear-ended the plaintiff while the defendant was driving a pick-up truck filled with bricks.  Apparently the jury found that the plaintiff exaggerated her injuries and, as a result, found the defendant not liable.




Mr. Pugh successfully defended a prison employee who was alleged to have acted negligently in the handing of an inmate with medical problems.  The fact finder found that the prison employee did not act in a negligent fashion. 



Mr. Pugh successfully defended a physician in Bucks County who was alleged to have delayed in diagnosing plaintiff’s prostrate cancer.  During the course of the trial, it became apparent that the defendant physician, in fact, timely made the diagnosis of prostrate cancer and the jury found in the physician’s favor.



Mr. Pugh defended a surgeon in Philadelphia who, the plaintiffs contended, performed an unnecessary surgery.  Mr. Pugh successfully defended the surgeon.  After a two-week trial, the jury found in the defendant doctor’s favor.



Mr. Pugh successfully defended the operator of a motor vehicle who, plaintiff contends, operated her vehicle in a negligent fashion causing the plaintiff to suffer an injured knee which led to a knee replacement.  After a five-day trial, a Delaware County jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant driver and against plaintiff.





Robert Connell Pugh was recently involved in a trial in the Court of Common Pleas of Montgomery County, involving alleged personal injuries due to a gasoline leak from a local gasoline station. After an eight-week trial, the jury found that no causal link existed between the plaintiffs’ injuries and the gasoline leak.





Recently, Robert Connell Pugh successfully defended an emergency room physician who was sued in a medical malpractice case in the Court of Common Pleas of Philadelphia.